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Spark your senses in the lush lather, fresh scents, and silky feel of our Body Wash and Bar Soap collections.

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Caress Body Wash Tahitian Pomegranate & Coconut 25.4 FO
Caress Soap Bar Daily Silk 3.15 OZ
Caress Body Wash Daily Silk 25.4 FO
Caress Body Wash Shea Butter & Brown Sugar 25.4 FO
Caress Shea Butter Brown Sugar Bar 18.9 OZ
Caress Soap Bar Peony & Almond Blossom 9.45 OZ
Caress Body Wash Black Orchid PatchouliOil 20 FO
Caress Body Wash Tahitian Pome Coconut milk 20 FO