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Learn All About Caress.

All About Caress

See how immersing your senses with Caress Body Wash and Beauty Bars is the key to making amazing things happen.

Pamper Yourself With Caress

At Caress, we believe in taking a moment for yourself every day, not just on #selfcaresunday. Because when you immerse your senses and connect with yourself, you get the inspiration you need to go after your dreams. Whether its dipping your toe into something new or diving into your side hustle, anything seems possible.

Since launching our Body Bar with Bath Oil in the 1960’s, we’ve always been dedicated to creating multi-sensory products that care for your skin and spark your senses. Like our Daily Silk Beauty Bar that leaves skin feeling silky soft and fresh, our Black Orchid & Patchouli Oil Body Wash for calming hydration, or the 2-in-1 benefits and irresistible scent of our Shea Butter & Brown Sugar Beauty Bar. Speaking of scent, all our fragrances are expertly crafted by perfumers using the most exotic ingredients from around the globe. The result is a collection of exquisite, mood-boosting scents that linger long after you step out of the shower.

Ready to experience the multi-sensory world of Caress? Discover our full range of Body Washes and Beauty Bars. Find your favorites, and transform every shower into a “me moment”.

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